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Store Changes

Whittier Electronics has become more of a on line store for special requests.  After 57 plus years of having a brick and mortar store the times have changed and so have we.  Our line card are some of the items that are still available plus we do have a spot for special requests.  From having a no minimum order as we had stock on a lot of items, it will be up to the manufacture to how the minimum will be.  We will not have any stock as we will be in an office only.  This also means we will do PayPal/Visa/Master Card/American Express or for approved customers we that have already been doing business with us, we will take purchase orders.

Most of our business has gone to local, state and federal government along with a few manufactures that are still left in the USA.  For that reason alone we will continue to service the people that have grown to trust us over the years.  Nothing has changed other than no walk in store.  Drop shipping to your door saves the extra shipping charges when it comes to me and then to you.

Much of the items we work with is communications equipment that includes microwave antennas, waveguide cable and accessories, battery banks, special tools and test equipment, wire and cable along with a variety of connectors.  This is just a sample of items we can help you with.  When requesting on our request form, to save time, please indicate a name brand and model/part number you are looking for to save some time for your quote.

Would like to thank all of our customers that have frequented our store and wish you all well.  If you have needs, our phone will still be working out of an office and we will be happy to answer your questions.


I will not have much of a shopping cart so please use the request section for quotes.

Please use the contact page to request quotes for product.  We will be happy to get back to you as quick as possible with a price and delivery.

For futher assistance please use our line card to look at the factories websites for product information as well.