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About Us

The original owners were Ed Hellman and Nate Hellman, two eastern guys that came from the Depression era.They played baseball in the streets with the Olson brothers and out of it came Olson Electronics.


Unfortunately, no one carried on for them and when they died, so did the business.


Ed Hellman was a pioneer in the Whittier area (located 12 miles east of Los Angeles).


Many people came and many people left, but this store, even during earthquakes, remained.In 1967 Ed sold to his son Mel and to this day, Mel still operates this business from 8:30 am til 5 pm Monday thru Friday.  And if it wasn't fun, we wouldn't be doing it.


Over the last 18 to 20 years, we have developed a great industrial business. OEM's, MRO's, Government (all types).  Now semi retired acting as a distributor/reseller/broker.


Not all of the items listed in the the line card or Distributors For section is all we can do.  After 58 years, we have developed a list of places to go for items we can get for people.  All we need is the part number and name brand.  I am listed as a Micro Small business with the State of California and have had the priviledge of helping the emergency services department with many items that I have never even heard of.  This includes Communications items such as microwave antennas and accessories, large and small battery banks, test equipment, etc.


Hobbyist and service technicians were also welcomed. We just sell to anyone who has money, (green, plastic or verifiable check).


Over 22 years ago Mel hired Ralph Machlan who came from Bell Industries.He worked on the order desk at Bell for over 19 years. But he was more than just an order taker.  Ralph had a stroke and is now retired..  Sad to say that Ralph has passed away this past January.  He will be missed on earth but welcomed in Heaven.


We welcome bids of all types. We also welcome scheduled orders to OEM's that are looking for lower prices for a large quantity purchase but can not take the product all at once.


As an office only now with no inventory, the hours are 9 am until 4 pm Monday thru Thursday.  4 days I work hard and 3 days I rest.  Yet being the computer is at my home office, I have it on all the time.